Child centered environment

Our School has its own distinctive character,. Each nook and cranny has been utilized to provide an enriching environment for our pupils. The following play opportunities are offered.

All equipment is selected and arranged carefully by the teachers to encourage the development of the “whole” child.

Learn While Play In order to make learning pure fun, the school has introduced the games like crosswords. Flash cards, all Montessori techniques, pick and match, games related to sequencing, balancing, ordering and lot’s more.

Free Choice – Doing activity of their own choice, this allows the children time to settle down in class and have a smooth home to school transition.

Outdoor Activity – This is a time to observe the children as they play with balls or jump ropes and make a discovery of nature around the garden.

Fruit Break – To maintain healthy eating habits of eating fruits for a fibre rich diet.

Circle Time – This is a group time, sharing time and time to do things together.

Theme time – Children develop new skills based on what they already know and are able to do like- explore experiment-observe.

Skill time – Two learning centers essential in the classroom are math Skill, language skill, language skill, sensory Skill development.

Play time – Play time is designed to give the children opportunity to socially interact with a linked activity group.

Reflection Time – this is the large group interaction where the day crux is discussed and shared. Efforts are made to strike a balance between active and passive activities, teacher-directed independent activities.

Safety – Strict standards are applied to ensure the safety and health of the children. Each play area is structured and supervised by a teacher. Members of staff are trained in first aid. Emergency drills are practiced regularly.

Supervision of the campus is aided by the closed-circuit TVs and the public address system, both adding to the quality of infrastructure. Firefighting readiness is also in place.

Parental Involvement– The on-going progress of each child is monitored carefully. Staff believe in maintaining a strong link between School and home, and offer comprehensive feedback to parents through detailed reports.